🎮 Gameplay

How To Play MetaFish? Go Fishing and Earn!

📦 Unbox Fishing Starter Kits

1?⃣ Purchase 1 of 3 fishing starter kits for specific amount of $FISH based on the launch price

Price of a fishing box: TBD
Successfully Purchased


2?⃣ Unbox a fishing box using a key worth the amount of $FISH based on the launch price

Unbox any boxes in your Box Collection
Got Bandzao ? from Shikibox
You may see the list of fishing rods you own in the tab "Rod" in your Collection

👣 Go Fishing

Fishing is the primary method for obtaining $FISH by using your NFT fishing rods. Fishing entails the players selecting their fishing rod and a lake from a random group based on your rod power calculation system.

Select one of your fishing rods to use & select lake you would like to go fishing

The contract calculates your chances of success in fishing after the fisherman has chosen the lake.

Alice is going fishing at trench Yanagawa with her Bandzao ?

A success turn grants you $FISH reward into your in-game wallet. The lower the success, the higher the reward.

A failed turn fishing results in a loss of gas fee (your bait).

A success or failure in fishing both reduces the durability of your fishing rod and costs you a fishing turn.