Big Update in November
Dismantle Fishing Rod, Fuse Into a Fishing Box, Fish Eggs For FvF

๐Ÿงฉ Dismantle Fishing Rods

You are able to demolish the inferior fishing rods that you no longer wish to own. After dismantling, you'll acquire a number of fishing rod shards, depending on the quality of the fishing rod.
  • You cannot dismantle fishing rods with 4 stars and above
  • Fishing rod needs to be full durability to be demolished
You cannot dismantle fishing rods with quality of 3 stars and above
Dismantle 1-star fishing rod
Dismantle 2-star fishing rod
Dismantle 3-star fishing rod

๐Ÿ”— Fuse Into a Fishing Box

A fishing box requires two shards of the same class to fuse together.
Choose 2 shards in your Items
E.g: Fuse shard ID 136 and shard ID 151
Click "Fuse" and wait for a while
You've obtained a NigenBox from fusing 2 Nigen shards

๐ŸŸ Fish Egg

In order to prepare for the upcoming Fish versus Fish (FvF) mode, you'll need fishes which may be obtained in one of two ways:

1. Purchase Fish Egg

$FISH in your wallet or in-game reward can be used to purchase fish eggs.
Purchase Fish Egg by $FISH in current balance or in-game balance
After purchasing, you will receive one of these 4 kinds of fish:
You may see your fishes in your Fish collection
Fish Collection

2. Go Fishing and Catch Fish

Fishermen have a slight chance of catching a fish with a random rarity when they go fishing.
E.g: Catching 4-star Fish while you go fishing

โš”๏ธ Fish versus Fish

Interface "Fish versus Fish"

Create Challenge

  • Click on button "Create Challenge"
Interface "Create Challenge"
  • Input the amount of $FISH you are willing to win/lose
E.g: Create a challenge of 3-star fish with NFT ID #157 for the amount of bet is 20,000 $FISH
  • After successfully created a challenge, you will see your battle on the arena
E.g: Your 3-star fish NFT ID #157 is now on the arena and waiting for its challenger
  • When you no longer see your fish on the arena, the battle has concluded. By clicking on the button
    , you may view your challenge history. The history board shows the newest to the oldest challenges.
E.g: You lost 20,000 $FISH of the newest battle with the rival's fish of NFT ID #106.

Challenge Others

  • Choose any of opponents in the arena that you would like to fight
Interface "Fish versus Fish"
  • Select your fish to fight with rival's fish
E.g: Selecting fish NFT ID #211 to fight with rival's fish NFT ID #12
  • You've just lost in this fight
  • Let's try another fight
E.g: Selecting fish NFT ID #187 to fight with rival's fish NFT ID #219
  • Finally, you won!
You've collected 3000 $FISH from your capital fund and 3000 $FISH winning from rival
  • You may claim your reward in History board
Seems like the developer got no luck in testing his own game!


Max. Energy of Fish
12 Energy
Energy Consumption
3 Energy / 1 Concluded Battle
Energy Recovery
1 Energy / 1 Hour
Fees Per Battle
5% Fees per battle will be burnt
Win/ Lose Percentage
Battle Rule
You can only challange rival's fish with the same rarity
E.g: 1-star vs 1-star and 2-star vs 2-star,..
Claim Fighting Reward
Total & Anytime

๐Ÿšœ Farming

Stake LP Tokens

MetaFish Farming Interface
Provide Liquidity on PancakeSwap
  • After successfully supplying liquidity, you'll receive a certain amount of LP tokens.
  • Click "Stake LP" on MetaFish Farming Interface and input the amount of LP you want, then "Confirm".
Stake your LP
Successfully staked your LP tokens and earned FISH
  • You may Harvest $FISH anytime you want

Unstake LP Tokens

  • Click "Unstake LP" on MetaFish Farming Interface and input the amount of LP you want to unstake, then "Confirm".
  • Finally, input the amount of LP tokens you want to remove, click "Approve" then "Remove"
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